"My paintings have moved from being portraits of flowers, to being portraits of time - past, present and future play out for me simultaneously"

The Tender and Unnerving is the underlying sentiment running through my newest works. By laying down a series of marks, whether pastel that is smudged, watered, and left to run, or inky stains that absorb and bleed into the raw canvas, I leave the most intimate connection of paint, hand, and canvas to evolve mostly by its own will.

Although not religious, I see the divinity in the gift of creation. It was pointed out to me in some of my first works that the delicate, electrically charged lines that lead from one body of florals to the next, resembled Michelangelo’s “God’s Creation of Adam”. After looking at this piece many times over the building of this exhibition, I have become enamored by the extreme tenderness that exists between the two hands, limp in a sort of ecstasy of power and emotion.

Many of the works I have created in the last year have unconsciously resembled the human heart in shape and spirit, and I have come to admire how we see things and how creativity reflects the artist subconsciously.

These works have the sense of forward flight, like wind blowing.  The stronger unexpected vertical mark making, can unnerve our senses, throwing the off the delicacy into turbulence while keeping the tender connection true.

Often the “figures” or floral elements that I often have referred to as human personifications, reflect each other’s likeness, again a subtle reference to creating works in the likeness of myself and current emotional state. The process of painting in my style, of letting the paint and marks be on the verge of random inclinations, allows me to then build up slowly and have works bloom on their own.

- Bobbie Burgers, 2020




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