The seemingly random placement and juxtaposition of imagery ask the viewer to question the relationships seen on canvas

Ryan Jones’s arresting paintings immerse us in stories featuring beautiful women and mysterious, luxurious settings—secluded swimming pools, shadowy rooms with ornate furniture—images infused with fantasy and a hint of noir. Rather than frame faces as in ordinary portraiture, Jones gives us tantalizing glimpses of his subjects, directing our focus toward finer nuances of a scene. As he has noted, his work is a unique “fusion of the real and surreal.”

In Ryan Jones’ recent body of work, color takes a second stage to time and space.  His exploration of the human experience in black and white stirs energetic emotions of connection and also its absence.  Depicted scenarios play into the thrill of celebrations and performances while remaining infused with the past through aesthetic cues of mid century Hollywood, noir and popular culture.  Maps and travel remain an ongoing narrative throughout Jones’ work and continue to backdrop his figures evoking a reverie of travel and relaxation.  Expressing these nostalgic themes through the lens of the present gives traditional realism a refreshing and innovative update in this new body of work.  


Ryan Jones was born in California in 1981 and began his artistic journey at a young age.  He currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Classically trained in art at Stanford University, he received instruction by renowned artist Enrique Chagoya and design pioneer Matt Kahn.  Jones’ innovative artworks are included in a number of prestigious private collections and have been showcased in galleries and art fairs around the world. 

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