"Creating balance and harmony in my work is intuitive."

This body of work is an accumulation of many decisions and judgments considered, and revisions and reexamination of all those judgments.  It is the making and breaking of these decisions that led to a metamorphosis of the surface.  The process of painting includes many unforeseen choices, no matter how minor they may seem at the time, which leads to a certain path, a road to be taken.  Life nourishes the art - its influences derive from all manner of places, people, and thoughts without knowing how it will be reflected or revealed in the work.  More often than not, working the painting is a battle by oneself; there are no partners.  Thus the history of the canvas relates to a personal history, in all its layers.  As the work evolves, it becomes a chronicle of determination and dedication and commitment - a relationship of physical exertion and spirituality preserved in paint.


The work contains all the cycles of doubt and certainty; it contains an affirmation of all my intuition and knowledge poured out onto the canvas.  And finally, it involves the process of going deeper and deeper into the work, unlocking the myriad expressions of composition and color, and is a culmination of that experience reflected in the finished piece.  It’s a matter of surrendering to this unknown path which leads to a revelation or transformation of the work.  I’m in pursuit of the truth - there is much more exploration ahead.

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