"These colorful structures serve as homage to partnerships and the dynamic of when two distinct personalities travel together.

They are paintings from which the figures have abandoned the restricted confines of the canvas and begin to enter another space, beyond the two dimensions."

Balancing playfulness, wit, strength, stillness, and motion, Brad Howe’s sculptures are dynamic experiments in color and form. Having started his artistic career making mobiles reminiscent of Alexander Calder’s pioneering midcentury kinetic art, he continues to infuse his work with a sense of lightness. Even in sculptures made of heavy steel, he creates elements that twist, rise, and perch. His quieter, stationary wall sculptures incorporate arching lines that recall elegant movements. In addition to Calder, his influences include Arp and Brancusi—artists who infused solid matter with a similar gravity-defying feel.


The idea of social engagement and conversation is a constant theme in Howe’s practice, evident in the way his light-hearted sculptures activate the viewer’s space, as well as in his passion for creating public art and for working closely with collectors on commissioned projects. "My sculptures examine vitality and celebrate beauty,” he has said. “Their aim is to capture the vigor of life and radiate with unabashed potentiality. These are the issues that stimulate me as a person and as an artist, and that are discussed over and over with those who sit with me at my fire and with those at whose fire I find myself sitting."


Howe studied international relations at Stanford University and was inspired to become an artist while visiting the University of São Paolo to specialize in Brazilian affairs. His public installations include large-scale kinetic sculptures at the Georgia International Convention Center near Atlanta, and Temple University, Philadelphia. He has exhibited his work in nearly 20 countries, at numerous galleries and museums, and is included in the collections of the Pasadena Museum of California Art, M.I.T., and the City of West Hollywood, in addition to many other corporate and private collections. Reviews and profiles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Harper’s Bazaar, the New York Times, and Architectural Digest, among others. He lives and works in Malibu, California.




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